Welcome to my beautiful virtual world. An imaginary place of restoration and reverie, where I share and celebrate what appeals most to my own feminine eye.

I claim ownership of none of the material on this blog, unless otherwise indicated. Original sources are provided wherever possible. If you own the copyright to something and would like it removed or given proper credit, kindly message me at laurieeno@yahoo.com.

I hope you linger long here and leave refreshed, with increased joy for your own journey. 

Laurie Eno


About me:

I live in the Greater Boston area and have been blogging for years, mostly about Corgis and the people who love them. I adore dogs, always have. Visit my other site at The Daily Corgi

I am comfortably over 45 and owned by at least one cat. Probably more. I believe in the power of expression, the potency of dreams, and the practicality of being precisely my own person.

Every other identity is already taken, anyway. (Yes, I checked).